korceptive media

Establishing key expectations

Getting Started

•For most clients, all we need to get the ball rolling are images and videos. From there, we create a campaign blueprint on a strategy session call with the client. Ads typically go live within 7-10 days of the strategy session. 

Game Plan

•In the first 30 days, our goal is to leverage warm traffic via your stores' website visitors and your social media engagement, to drive more sales through Facebook and Instagram. 

•Around the 60 day mark is when we typically intro cold traffic ads to reach people who may be interested, but who don't know your brand yet

•After 90 days, both warm and cold audiences will be primed and we look to scale continuously, sustainably, and aggressively. Like pouring gas on a fire, this is when we increase spend and yield higher returns.

Partnership & Onboarding

•Everything is set everything up hassle-free during the onboarding. Our onboarding process is the most efficient and simplest method you'll ever experience. We streamline the process, so no scrambling back and forth for information down the road. 

•To make sure that we have a minimum 90 day time frame to ensure adequate testing and optimizing in order to achieve the scaling phase, its important to make understood that this is NOT a monthly service, however, service delivery after the initial 90 days is a monthly service as a long-term partner. We don't look for shortcuts or to achieve mediocre results, which is why the first 90 days are structured as a program.