korceptive media

Ecommerce customer journey

1. Awareness


This is where the fewest conversions happen because users who see your awareness ads haven't seen your brand before. It’s our job to spark curiosity by familiarizing them with the product. Video ads work wonders at this phase!

2. Learn


Users aren't just learning about the features your product may have, they are also learning what others users have to say about your brand; the good and the bad. 


Create a Facebook Ads strategy to gain positive social influence through testimonial, unboxing, and customer review ads

3. Comparison


Before your potential customer decides to purchase your product, they will compare it to others in terms of functionality, price, reputation, etc. Create in-depth comparisons showcasing the difference and functionality

4. Purchase


At this point, it's time to push them towards a conversion-based campaign. The Facebook Pixel tracks their actions and engagements in order to create custom audiences. This strategy yields the lowest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and the highest Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

5. Repeat Customers


In Ecommerce, growth is all about optimizing for Life-Time-Value (LTV). Purchase behavior and conversion data indicates how we will incentivize repeat purchasers