korceptive media

What is korceptive all about?

Not Your Everyday Agency

While most agencies and marketing teams provide cookie-cutter services, we offer customized quotes based on the nature of your traffic, website data and social engagement, analyzing any past efforts, your budget, and the products we're promoting. 

We do NOT impose a "one size fits all" ideology or look to achieve 'passable' results

Who We Work With

We work with established Ecommerce stores in the Health & Fitness sub-niches that are looking to scale or who have solid engagement but want to drive more sales and increase conversion volume. 

We don't take anyone on unless we are totally on board with the company and the products we're advertising 

Competitive Insight

Before launching a campaign or starting work with a client, we leverage our partnerships with analytics and insights software companies to conduct competitive intel. In doing so, we thrash out the ideal audiences, find out what products are selling, what kind of copy gets the most attention, and which types of creative (images and videos) resonates with your target demographic.

Having this information allows us to make smarter decisions and be much more intentional in the creation and optimization phases.

Our Goal is Yours

Our goals are simple; drive more conversions to your store, deliver profitable Returns On Ad Spend (ROAS) and help scale indefinitely

Customer-Centric Sales Funnels

Customer avatars vary at each stage of the funnel, so the ads we show to cold traffic (someone who has never seen your brand or product before) will look very different than an ad we show to a repeat buyer or someone who has added to cart 

We categorize audiences at every level of the funnel so that our ads resonate with the full spectrum of warm, cold, and hot traffic

Zero-Waste Advertising

In the loud, rapidly-paced world of social media, it's crucial to be able to cut through the clutter. 

Hire a team of experts in each of our respective fields so that you don't have to play a guessing game with your online marketing efforts