korceptive media

My name is Jack Burk, owner and founder of Korceptive Media.

From selling basketball shoes online in elementary school to selling gum and juice boxes throughout high school, entrepreneurship has always found a way into my life. 

Following traditional guidelines without taking risks has always seemed deeply boring to me, and being very fortunate at a young age, I recognized that living life that way would yield mundane and mediocrity- two things I have no interest in. It's because of this that I have always pushed boundaries and gone against the grain to find solutions.

I have long been eager in exploring opportunities that add value to others, where my passion for fitness and inherent understanding of social media and the internet have laid the foundation for Korceptive- an advertising agency that helps health & fitness-related Ecommerce brands increase sales and scale sustainably and perpetually.

In my free time, I love to lift weights, swim, use and try new supplements, as well as taking interest in an array of fitness apparel companies (I'm even planning to start my own line one day). This translates perfectly and harmoniously into my work life as I look to team up with brands that I actually like and find interesting, because then it's not really "work" as much as it is a collaborative effort to reach a common goal- whatever that may be for your business. 


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